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Jan 12, 2013 11:30pm PST
appears to be the best men's basketball team in the bay area. today they took down the dons. the dons are still looking for their first win of the west coast conference schedule. mike mitchell young scores 14. gaels win, 78-72 and also today byu cougars are 4-0 in the west coast conference after they beat santa clara toe. >> it's the third round of the sony open in honolulu. 23-year-old golfer rookie scott langley started two back and starts with a 26'birdie. langley, 5 under 65, another 23- year-old rookie, russell henley. they set a new course record by finishing 17 under par after 54. langley finishes 65. so for the fourth straight day langley and henley will be paired together for the final round. >>> now that the nhl lockout is officially over, sharks announced that they will open their 48-game schedule sunday january 20th. that is sports as we see it it this saturday night. san francisco 49ers are in the nfc championship for the second straight year. i hope the east coast wakes up and learns about colin kaepernick. >> they will have to after today. >> the game you mentioned is a
Jan 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
small town in lyn don. authorities education courted one of the speed freak killers from death row to that area and he pointed out the well as a spot where more human remains could be found. the fbi says it is not looking for any one victim in particular. >> no particular individual is associated with this site. to be clear, we only know that this may contain remains. >> the fbi -- fbi is taking over the search following criticism of the san joaquin county sheriff's office handling. the remains of two women were identified and no identity has been determined for a third set of remains. a bay area mother is waiting anxiously as that well is being excavated. wondering if her daughters' remains are at the bottom of that well. >> mckayla garrett's mother read me those words today her nine-year-old daughter wrote more than 24 years ago. early sharon found the paper in a book after a stranger kidnapped the little girl from a hayward store. >> there was just a sense of foreknowledge that something was going to happen. >> now, after almost a quarter of a century of searching of heartbreak,
Jan 10, 2013 11:30pm PST
that would have tied it. the ninth ranked zags 15-1. broncos losing by four to lmu. dons also four point shortage versus san diego. >>> and to the clippers, they go into portland having lost two in a row. they hope the heat done tonight. heat on top most tonight. stripped by lebron who took it the distance. just missed a triple double. >>> and the blazers over highly regarded heat. the most talk probably ever about a couple of field goal kickers leading up to a play off game. the drama is over, jim harbaugh reporting that akers still holds the job. >> a tremendous player, a guy that strong that can make all the throws. for me the surprised me is how fast he processed things. making quick decisions and the closer you get to game day, very focused guy. >>> all those teams looking outside in the play offs they're all about coaching changes. the jaguars interested in roman, the 49ers assistant coach. game time 5:00 hit a landmine when i came here, i couldn't move. [male announce david was broadsided on the highway. they weren't very hopeful that he would survive at all. [male announce
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3